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Preventive Services

Primary Contact Name:               Michelle Simpson

Primary Contact Title:                 Vice President of Programs

Primary Contact Address:           590 Riley Street

Primary Contact Office Phone:    716-250-2416

Primary Contact e-mail:      

Program Impact Points: 2007-2012

  • 98.5% of families receiving preventive services did not have a new indicated report of child abuse or neglect.
  • 99% of children remained home while receiving preventive services.
  • 97% of families remained intact with no out-of-home placements. 

General program overview:

The goal of Preventive Services is to provide services specific to stabilizing families to reduce the possibility of out of home placement of children.  Preventive Services also provides reunification services to families when children are in foster care placement and the plan is to have the children return to the family home. 

Program Services/Activities:

Case Planning- Referred families who participate in the program are provided with Case Planner who provides home-based services to the family. The Case Planner visits with the referred family on a weekly basis to monitor the health and safety of the children.  Case Planners also will refer families for services within the community that the family might benefit from (i.e., substance abuse counseling, mental health services, housing, emergency food, clothing, parenting classes, child daycare, court and school advocacy, etc,).

Parent Aide Services- This is provided as a compliment to the BUL Preventive Services Program.  It is designed to provide in home parenting services to families who need support in: Child safety, appropriate discipline and supervision, household manage, suitable housing, budgeting/finances, child developmental stages, parent/child relationships, parent roles (medical/counseling appointments, developing appropriate relationships with service providers/school personnel, etc.).

Clinical Services- The Clinical Specialist provides in-home face to face therapeutic treatment (i.e., assessments, testing, and individual/family therapy) to referred cases requiring clinical services.

Program Eligibility Information:

Families living in Erie County who have been referred by the Erie County Department of Services and who is at least 18 years of age with a child(ren) under the age of 18 years.